Low-Pro 210


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Best Use: Deer, Upland Bird, and Small Animals.

  • Built-In, 28 degrees escape ramp.

  • Gravity Feed System. No Float-valves required.

  • Low profile design for simple above-ground installation.

  • Durable polyethylene construction

  • Internal columns for extra lid strength

  • Includes “1 Drain Fitting and 1” Line-In Fitting

  • Color Sand Granite


    • Weight 130 Lbs

    • Dimensions 80″ x 46″ x 16″

    • Surface area of 25.5 sq ft. (15.5 Gallons per 1″ rain)

    • Capacity 210 Gallons

    • Lid covers 85%. Exposed water area is 15% (pertains to evaporation)

  • 2″ bulkhead fitting for fast manual filling. Included

The Low-Pro guzzler provides a 210 gallon, above-ground water source for animals at a 16″ height. It’s perfect for placing in a clearing or field where you prefer not to excavate for a in-ground guzzler installation.

The drinking area for animals measures 15″ x 32 and is 16″ deep. Deer and medium-size animals can easily drink over the edge. Smaller animals can use the built-in access ramp to access water.  85% of the tank remains covered to minimize evaporation and keep the water clean.

Three integrated domes collect and channel rainwater into the 210-gallon reservoir below. The three dome lid is supported from beneath by two columns to ensure structural rigidity.  4 bolts lock lid into place.

The 25.5 sq ft surface area will collect rain at a rate 18.75 gallons per one inch of rain.  You can easily add a collection roof to increase rainwater collection.  You always have the option to hand fill.  This gravity-feed system is very durable, can withstand freezing and requires no-float valves.

Fits conveniently in the bed of a standard pickup. Multiple units nest together to reduce shipping costs.  Includes a 1″ drain fitting and 1” line-in fitting.


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