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  • A new heavy-duty ribbed base for 2020

  • Plugs Into Your Existing Water Source. Gravity or Pressure System

  • Measures 54″ x 30″ x 20″

  • 3/4” Float-Valve System is Protected Under Ramp (included)

  • Made of UV and Freeze Tolerant Polyethylene

  • Built-in Escape Ramp for Critters

  • Access Hatch for Internal Inspection

  • Install In-Ground or Above-Ground

  • Weight: 85 Lbs

The unit measures 54″ x 30″ and is 20″ high, with a capacity of 110 gallons.

Give deer, elk and other large animals access to water at a comfortable 20″ height with our Drinker-110 system. Whether installed above ground as a drinker, or in-ground as a mini-guzzler, the Drinker-110 is an optimal choice for keeping your domestic or wild animals hydrated.

The built-in 38 degree escape ramp provides two important functions.

  • It gives small animals and critters an easy exit.

  • It helps protect float valve components from curious animals, as well as freezing.

We’ve built an access hatch into the drinker to allow inspection inside without having to disassemble it.

The Drinker-110 is made of polyethylene so it is extremely durable, non-toxic and impervious to UV and freezing.  Please Note: It may be best to drain the drinker in areas where the drinker will freeze solid in winter


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