Antler Edge ® Golden Blend deer feed


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Antler Edge ® Golden Blend deer feed attractant is a powerful 21% protein, nutrient-rich whitetail deer attractant feed with a strong sweet aroma that’s proven to attract and hold more deer on your property.

Antler Edge gives deer a boost in overall health and antler growth! Its highly palatable formulation paired with a savory-sweet aroma will pull more deer to your property than ever before. You’ll be more successful in the field… GIVING YOU THE EDGE!

A Powerful Deer Attractant That Gives You The Edge

Finally, a deer attractant that pulls whitetail deer in like a big buck magnet! Food plots are highly effective as a deer lure and a great food source. But deer hunters don’t always have the time or ability to put one in.

Sometimes a food plot isn’t appropriate for your particular hunting area., but that’s okay. Antler Edge is a no-tilling solution that will give you great results. Our deer feed is a powerful whitetail deer attractant you can use to bring bucks in from long ranges and hold them where you need them.

The Secret Behind Antler Edge

Edge X is a revolutionary appetite stimulant our team developed for whitetail deer. The Edge X “secret sauce” contains a blend of essential oils, probiotics, plant extracts, palatability enhancers, and flavors that deer crave.

Edge X combines the sweet and savory scent of fire-roasted soybeans, corn, and other high-quality ingredients to create an irresistible cocktail for whitetail deer, so they won’t know what hit ’em! Pour it onto the ground at your favorite site and watch this protein-packed powerhouse go to work.